Metabolic Modeling

Our goal

We create the tools necessary to predict biological behavior, in order to produce renewable biofuels and bioproducts, and unlock the full potential of bioengineering. To this end, we combine machine learning, synthetic biology and automation with mathematical modeling.

You can find more detailed information on our research here (or click on the figures below for examples).

Machine Learning

Synthetic Biology



-New paper on how to use computational tools to guide bioengineering!

- Our latest review on machine learning for metabolic engineering!

- Two new papers applying machine learning to guide synthetic biology!

Machine Learning Takes on Synthetic Biology: Algorithms Can Bioengineer Cells for You

Berkeley Lab scientists develop a tool that could drastically speed up the ability to design new biological systems (Berkeley Lab News).

See more press releases and ART information on the ART website.

- Hector Garcia 's public lecture in Nerd Nite East Bay (1/27/20) about synthetic biology and artificial intelligence:

Last updated Feb. 12th 2021